Malachi Church
messengers of hope
Community Worship Gatherings 
10 AM

Spiritual Principle

Live each day in the rich knowledge that by God's grace, and Christ's actions we are made pure before our creator.

This knowledge gives hope to live without fear.

This knowledge gives us the peace and strength to extend unconditional love and limitless grace / forgiveness to everyone we know regardless of their labels.


Local Application Venues
Our Homes
Our Neighborhoods
Our Work Places

Global Missional Opportunities
Nicaragua February 2019 
Nepal - Mar 2019
NOV 1 
Men’s Gathering 6PM

NOV 4 
Community Worship Service 10AM

NOV 7 
Adult Gathering 6PM

NOV 11th 
Community Worship Service 10AM
Pancake Breakfast

NOV 18 
Community Worship Service 10AM
Lunch TBD

NOV 19 
Women’s Gathering 6PM

NOV 25th 
Community Worship Service 10AM

NOV 28th
Youth Gathering 6PM

November 2018