Malachi Church
messengers of hope
Children & Youth
Malachi's ministry is a balanced, family-equipping solution centered on developing Spiritual Resilience in our Children & Youth.

Children & Youth are surrounded by a coordinated and constructive base of co-champions, provided opportunities to learn and apply a biblical worldview and equipped to exercise their faith individually, with their peers and most importantly with their families and guardians in the communities in which they live. 

Our approach strives to challenge our Children / Youth with life-impacting missional training and opportunities to see the hand of God at work in their lives and the lives of others. 

We believe that the Children / Youth of the 21st century are demanding transparent authentic relationships; they are willing to take risks; and they want to serve something bigger than themselves.

Education Academy

Malachi is partnered with CEA to provide a homeschool education option to our community and beyond. See CEA website for more information.     
Primarily, our children and youth learn what it means to be followers of Christ by sitting at the feet of and imitating their parents / adult guardians.  Children are encouraged to worship with their parents at the Community Worship Services though a separate venue is available for children 6 and under. Every other Sunday, the Pastor leads families through a question & answer session where families read scripture together from the previous week's sermon.  The children then answer select questions with the aid of their parents as necessary.

Once a month, children ages 10 and under and youth 11 and over meet for a peer based study.  Children and youth are encouraged to live out what they learn through service opportunities.     

See this month's schedule for times and locations.